Create high-quality PT documentation efficiently

You can take it with you

Unlike old-fashioned Windows business software that was not designed to be used outside the office, web-based software works on any computer or tablet that has a web browser.

This includes any Windows or Macintosh computer. For many functions, you can also use your iPad or even your web-enabled smartphone. You and your team can access Physio Plus Tech securely from anywhere.

iPad? No problem

Physio Plus Tech runs on your iPad without any extra tricks or apps. Now you can create documentation, update schedules or utilize any feature of Physio with your iPad. Work from home, office, or on the go. Many of our prospective custmers had requested about its adoptability with tablets and smartphones, and we were glad that we read their minds even before selling our product.

For more intensive tasks such as creating an initial exam, the iPad may not be the most efficient tool for the trade. However, for a majority of your needs throughout the day, the iPad works like a charm. Some iPad competitors like the Nook or Kindle are simply not robust enough to run most applications. These devices are more suited for reading and Internet browsing vs. using to run a clniic or business.

Secure access

Physio Plus Tech adheres to IAMI (Indian Association for Medical Informatics) regulations and strict security guidelines to secure patient information. All Physio Plus Tech information areas are password protected and we require that each participating therapist have his or her own individual login information.

Physio Plus Tech has also taken extraordinary measures to secure your health and patient information by implementing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL is the same Internet security system that banks use to protect your banking information and can be trusted to secure your documentation.