Appointment / Schedule Management

It replaces manual schedule books or practice scheduling software that is not integrated with your clinic’s patients records and assessments.

Your schedule, documentation and patient records work together to coordinate your team and eliminate missed appointments.

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Tele-Health / Video consultations

Now you don’t have to use your personal number (Whatsapp) or an unreliable third-parties (Zoom) to have a video call with your patients.

Provide consultations from anywhere with any device and most importantly with high security enabled, one-to-one or collaborate with other clinicians on a group video call feature.

Make your Video consultations professionally from a virtual therapy room with the inbuilt facility to document and make clinical notes, rather than zooming like everybody else. Show them your service is a premium care, and not just another Video Call.

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Patient record Keeping / EMR management

We are automating your documentation as we know your pain to type all the patient data and fill the long assessment forms with interactive forms and chatbots.

It includes initial examinations, re-examinations, Body chart, Trigger point charts, progress notes, daily notes, discharge summaries, and custom treatment protocol development option.

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Grow your practice / Clinic Management

Manage your staff’s activity and productivity, their access to clinical records and business settings etc,

Manage Multiple Clinics and grow your practice or Physio business by evaluating and investing your time and efforts on only what matters.

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Analyse your practice / Reporting

A real-time business intelligence to improve operational decision-making, so you can plan your financial or operational efforts accordingly. You can improve only what you can measure, we help you in Automate your clinics business metrics.

Easily track your businesses growth and even see which marketing channels or referral sources are the most effective, which staff or treatment generates more income and where your expenses leak, the best part is all of this is automated into your clinical flow, so you don’t have to do anything extra to generate such reports.

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Manage your Finances

Generate invoices, send online invoices, create taxable bills, sell products and treatments online via telehealth, obtain advance payments and track the payments, due dates and provide discounts etc.

Also keep track of where your money goes and where it comes from automatically while you are focused on what you are passionately taking care of your patients

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