Create high-quality PT documentation efficiently

Physio Plus Tech allows you to create professional, legible documentation quickly – without paperwork headaches. Our easy templates help you to quickly create comprehensive digital documents with point-and-click selections entry to minimize typing.

Physio Plus Tech documentation software prompts you with simple questions and tests according to a PT specific workflow, so every evaluation, progress note, flow sheet, or daily note is completed with precision. With your clinic branding built-in, physicians will notice your practice from the high-quality documentation that sets you apart from the rest.

Physio Plus Tech works the way you do

Physio Plus Tech is designed specifically for physiotherapists, PT assistants and rehab clerical staff with easy processes that are custom fit for your workflows.

From scheduling a new patient, to creating complete documentation notes, to managing physician referral system and working with your billing system, Physio Plus Tech software minimizes your effort and moves as fast as you do.

Advantage of being made by Physiotherapist itself

Our Founder, Dr. S. Ram Prakash, PT, is still a practicing physiotherapist. He uses Physio Plus Tech in his practice daily and has guided the design of the system to optimize for simplicity, efficiency and compliance.

He still posses many unquenched thirsts for innovative technology to develop more exiting and theraphist friendly features like exercise prescriptions, online directory, and shopping portals. We aim to fullfill his expectation in the near future.

Improve your quality of care

Everyone in your clinic can spend less time on paperwork, giving you more time with your patients to improve patient outcomes. You’ll even be reminded with alerts to stay on track to complete unfinished notes, file Case reports on time, contact your inactive patients, maintain and manage billing system so that all aged recievables would be collected at time with ease.